The Politics of Hair

1980  Protest support black women 




Cornrows & Co. opens.  
Circulated a "Wanted Poster,"
they would pay legal fees
for any woman threatened
to lose their job because of their braids. 


Filed EEOC and lawsuits
against Hyatt Hotels, Marriott Corporation,
Double Tree Hotels, Avis Rent-a-Car,
American Airlines, the Metropolitan Police Department,
the Smithsonian and numerous other
businesses for discrimination
against women with braided hairstyles.


Clint Bolick, of the (then)
Landmark Center for Civil Rights and
Chip Mellor form the Institute for Justice, (IJ);
Taalib-Din and Pamela were their first clients
vs. The District of Columbia.



 Sharon Pratt Kelly US Navy  Natural Hair Care Association 






DC Mayor Sharon Pratt-Kelly signs
a new cosmetology bill into law,
creating the nation's first Braider license.  
Pamela is appointed to the
Barber and Cosmetology Board.



Cornrows & Co. was successful
in helping to change the
US Navy's grooming standards
to allow braids while in uniform.


Taalib-Din and Pamela form
the American Hair Braiders
and Natural Hair Care Association (AHNHA)
and hold its first Legislative Summit
in Washington, DC, teaching
braiders from across the country
how the legislative process works.

IJ Client Natural Hair at Pentagon

Natural Hair Maryland




Isis Brantly handcuffed and
arrested in Dallas, TX
for braiding hair;
Taalib-Din defends her
in court and wins.



Pamela was honored at the
US Pentagon, for helping
to change the Army's
grooming standards to allow
twist hairstyles.



Pamela & Taalib-Din help
Maryland Braiders defeat
Bill requiring braiders
to go to cosmetology school.