Hair Loss

Hair Loss

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  1. Hair Growth Treatment

    Hair Growth Treatment

    Combat thinning hair, itchy scalp, tender spots and scalp inflammation.
  2. Hair & Scalp RX Shampoo

    Hair & Scalp RX Shampoo

    Moisturizing shampoo infused with organic sulfur and conditioning botanicals
  3. RX Shampoo & Grow Hair Treatment

    RX Shampoo & Grow Hair Treatment

    Our RX shampoo and grow hair treatment delivers the first defense to combat thinning itchy, and tender scalp conditions.
  4. Anti-Inflame Oil

    Anti-Inflame Oil

    Healing botanical oils reduce inflammation, itch and blocked hair follicles.
  5. Organic Sulfur (scalp) Spray

    Organic Sulfur (scalp) Spray

    Sulfur strengthens the hair for growth.

5 Item(s)