Cornrows & Co.'s proven formulas provides the nutrients and treatment that is necessary to maintain healthy and moisturized natural hair and skin.

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  1. Cell Cleanse Tea

    Cell Cleanse Tea

    A native plant "bitter" made to gently cleanse mucus and obstructions from your cells to enhance the transport of nutrients to the hair, skin and body.
  2. Blood Builder Iron Tonic

    Blood Builder Iron Tonic

    A plant based Iron Tonic complete with minerals, and chlorophyll to nourish the body and energize the hair cells.
  3. My Gel

    My Gel


    A plant based gel made to smooth frizz and make the hair shaft appear thicker. Use daily to smooth hairline frizz.



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  5. Mint Condition

    Mint Condition

    Our rich buttery detangle-conditioner nourishes the scalp and makes the comb glide through the hair.
  6. The Balm Hair & Skin Oil

    The Balm Hair & Skin Oil


    All natural balm made to protect, soften and lock in moisture after bath.

  7. Sukesha Gel

    Sukesha Gel

    A lightweight styling and holding gel for twist, handrolls, and locs.
  8. Hair Growth Treatment

    Hair Growth Treatment

    Combat thinning hair, itchy scalp, tender spots and scalp inflammation.
  9. Hair & Scalp RX Shampoo

    Hair & Scalp RX Shampoo

    Moisturizing shampoo infused with organic sulfur and conditioning botanicals
  10. Grow Hair Project Class

    Grow Hair Project Class

    The Grow Hair Project is an age-old practice of hair mapping. We show you how to connect areas on your scalp to key body systems such as your heart, gut, and reproductive system. You will learn how to look for the signs, minimize health risks and support healthy hair growth.

Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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