Your Scalp Is Skin Too

Your Scalp Is Skin Too

The scalp is skin we don’t see because it is covered by hair. One of the most common complaints I get from women about their hair is “my scalp is dry and itchy.” The first question I ask is “how often do you shampoo?”  Let’s be honest here—once a week is good, less than once a week is not so good. Once a month is bad (yuk), come on now, that is too long. Skin is hydrated with water. If you shampoo once a month that means your scalp skin is hydrated only twelve times a year.  

You put water on your body 12 times a year and I can assure you your skin will become dry.  One client I remember, she had big flakey dandruff (big flakes are oily type dandruff) She was shampooing once every three weeks and greasing the scalp every few days. Oily type dandruff is aggravated by grease products. I had her shampoo with the Cornrows & Co. Berry shampoo every 5 days and spot treat any flakey areas in between with the Scaly Scalp Tonic, by week two her scalp was flake-free and the hair was soft to the touch.  If her life style included regular exercise and a sweaty scalp I would have suggested she choose a style that allows her to rinse the sweat and condition the hair after each exercise.

Keeping the scalp skin clean and hydrated is a simple way to prevent dry itchy scalp.


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