Facing Your Truth Hair

Facing Your Truth Hair

Facing Your Truth Hair

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My lovely natural ones, being a “natural head” means more than not putting chemicals on your hair.  It means you must get to know your hair and its unique characteristics.  It also means coming to terms with what is inside your head, such as your true feeling and expectations of your hair.  Are you realistic? 

During style consultations, I try to keep it real so that the journey is real.  Women often have questions about how to have the hair they really don’t have.   They show me pictures and I wonder are they seeing what I see because some hairstyles in photos are just not possible to duplicate on your head. I have even made the mistake of thinking I can do anything you request but I have come to terms with my own limitations.  Truthful limitations.  Guess what? It feels liberating.

I have three rules to help you face your truth hair and make the journey more real. 

#1 Rule -- Be Open To Unpredictability.  

All hair  (unless buzz close to the head style), no matter what the natural texture is will have unpredictable outcomes.  Some days it is perfect and other days we are panicking because it didn’t come out like the other day.   While you can’t control the weather, or any external conditions that give your hair that cool unpredictability factor, you can control how you will think about it.  I recommend you go with the flow of unpredictability. 

 #2 Rule – Do Not Speak the Language of Shame

Think and say good things about your hair and anyone that has hair like you.  Culturally we have become fluent in the language of shaming our hair – i.e good hair, bad hair, nappy, kinky, beady and so on.

#3 Rule  --  Admire Rather Than Desire. 

Often times I hear women express their desire to have what someone else has.  I look at whether it is really possible.   If it is not possible then I suggest you admire the hairstyle and get the good energy that comes from that.  It does not feel good to desire something that is not possible for you.  While you are desiring what someone else has they may be admiring your loveliness.

With these three rules, your hair journey will be honest, beautiful and filled with many surprises.   Surprise me and let me know about some of your fabulous unpredictable  hair styles, and what you admire the most.




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