Not Another Black Hair Blog

Not Another Black Hair Blog

Yes, another hair blog. Hello World --- there are many, many blogs out there about black hair, curly hair, natural hair and I have to admit compared to how black hair was negatively discussed twenty years ago these blogs are a welcomed conversation. But still upon seeing these many blogs, I’m looking for more. I know if I am looking for more, so are you. The “more” factor is how does this information help me personally? Does it speak to my hair needs? The many different textures of me. Not really. I keep leaving these blogs feeling like its does not speak to every black woman. But they weren’t intended to do that. Many blogs about black hair are the writer’s personal hair journey.

I want to share with you my journey. My personal hair journey has been an incredible opportunity to touch, shampoo, comb, and create on thousands of women’s heads. I’ve touched heads that are kinky, nappy, coily, curly, wavy, frizzy, straight, long, short, thick, thin, bald, natural or not. I intend to share what I have learned over thepast thirty years to make your hair journey a little easier and satisfy the "more factor."


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