Grilled Almond Butter Sandwich

Grilled Almond Butter Sandwich

When I stop eating cheese and butter a year ago, I found myself reminiscing about a grilled cheese sandwich, my childhood favorite. The first bite was the best, crispy, buttery outside with a warm soft inside. So, here I am missing this sandwich and wondering how can I make a grilled sandwich with no butter or cheese? The first part was crisping the sandwich and the second part was to find a natural plant-based filling other than cheese. Well, coconut oil is my friend, it will crisp the bread just like butter. I’m still working on inside sandwich ideas but I tried almond butter, which is alkaline and plant based. I like it and although it wasn't savory with the raisin bread, it was crisp and tasty. Even my son says it’s a hit. I value my 11 year old son’s opinion. So here you have it “Grilled Almond (Nut) Butter Sandwich.” Next we’ll try grilled avocado sandwich with a thin slice of onion. Let me know your thoughts on this sandwich. Surly you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or a snack.


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