Fight for Hair Freedom

Fight for Hair Freedom

Photo: September 2011

Pamela Ferrell, Chip Mellor and Taalib-Din Uqdah at the Willard Hotel Washington DC. Celebrating the 20th year anniversary for the Institute for Justice. Cornrows & Co. was IJ's first client. In 1991 our very first meeting with Clint Bolick of the Institute for Justice, we knew we had found the organization to represent our position. We didn’t have to explain to IJ why we were right and the government was wrong. IJ understood and helped us to clearly define our struggle legally in a way we never had before: we needed economic freedom.

The Fifth and 14th Amendments were not working for us because government was standing in the way of our liberty. With the help of IJ, the Constitution came alive for us as more than just a historical document. It has practical applications for real Americans. We realized that the Constitution is about us, our family and our right to pursue our own American Dream.

The common ground that all of IJ’s activities share is the fight for freedom. Whether it’s defending economic liberty, the right to direct your own child’s education, the right to speak or be silent or the right to private property, IJ’s mission of litigating for liberty is always for the protection of freedom.


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