Daughters Of The Dust Restored

Daughters Of The Dust Restored

Daughters Of The Dust Restored

 Hello Beautiful, have you seen the movie Daughter’s of the Dust? If you missed the first time around then you’ll have a chance to see it in Fall of 2016 at a theater near you or on Blu-Ray version.  If you have already seen it back in 1991, I believe you are in for a treat again because the film has received a digital restoration –same beautiful people, celebrating family in an idyllic backdrop of the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina set in 1902.  I had the honor of designing those yummy, African-inspired hairstyles.  When I received the call to come to SC to design the hairstyles, I had planned to design the styles but not stay on location to do the hair for the film.  After creating the styles on the actresses they insisted I stay because there was no way they could keep those styles beautiful day to day.  So I had the pleasure of maintaining the styles continuity through sand storms and swarms of gnats that would stick to hair that was sprayed with holding spray.  What an adventure. Haagar’s up do style was washed out daily and recreated on set the next morning.  It was all worth it when I see the film. 


I was given creative freedom to give my aesthetic interpretation of images that honored us. While it is a story that takes place at the turn of the Century, it is not a documentary so that allowed me to research hairstyles from different regions of the Continent and recreate these images of beauty.   My vision was to create hairstyles that whispered our majestic African heritage and to remind us of our lasting beautifulness.  My script and key ring of Polaroid’s of the Actress hairstyles  had been collecting dust in my home but now they have a new home – at the new African American Museum in Washington, DC (opening September 24, 2016).  Let’s mark our calendars!


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