What a Picture Really Says About You

What a Picture Really Says About You

What a Picture Really Says About You

Hey Beautiful ones, I have a photo shoot coming up and I am feeling a little anxious.  Photo sessions are nothing new for me, I’ve been doing them for over 30 years and the photos are proof of how much fun we have.  The best part is that I am behind the scene, I get to peek in the camera before the shot, give my creative input to what clothes, jewelry, and make-up is my favorite.  I even get to be a perfectionist and spot that one hair out of place and then fix it.   I have worked with amazing photographers, wardrobe wizards, make-up magicians and beautiful people who are beautiful without any of these photo props.


As I look back at the many pictures taken in these organically planned sessions the story stays the same.  Creating images of women with natural hair and loving it.  My most valuable work in all this is that I get to be an image-maker and thought leader shaping the power of the picture.   Whether I am working with professional models, seasoned entertainers or first timers I know that a picture speaks volumes and can create a narrative in the viewer's mind.  Whether the narrative is what I intend or not I get to give my take on what I know as true beauty. 


So why am I feeling anxious now?  Well, the camera is on me.  I have been meaning to do current photos of me for some time. Honestly, I have been putting off doing photos of me for some time.  In fact, can you believe the photo I use on facebook I have naturally black hair?   Black hair is a long gone memory for me; I now have a head full of white hair.  In real life, I am okay with it but in photos, it can be a bit misleading as if the hair is missing- somewhat of an illusion.   Yeah, I am trying to talk myself out of it.  What’s the worst that can happen, I don’t like the picture so I just don’t use it.  Photographers have even assured me they know how to photograph a sister with big white hair.  And I kind of believe them.  I know it is not them but more me who prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it.


I believe a picture really says a lot about us, it captures a moment in time that we can look back on and remember the essence of who we were at that moment.  Hopefully, it will move us closer to our truth hair, that’s what this is all about –right?   Embracing our truth hair.


Well, I faced my Truth Hair and the fear of photographing it, so here you have it. How did I do?  Tell me what makes you anxious about your hair in a photograph.

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