Hair Growth Treatment

Hair Growth Treatment

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Combat thinning hair, itchy scalp, tender spots and scalp inflammation.
Organic Sulfur Wash and Anti-Inflame Oil supports hair growth and heals scalp inflammation. Our #1

is a therapeutic nourishing sulfur tonic. Sulfur strengthens the hair bond. Our #2 Anti-Inflame Oil works to strengthen sooth scalp inflammation and detox clogged hair follicles. Apply daily a spritz of Sulfur Wash first, then a drop of the Anti-Inflame Oil on thinning, sensitive, itchy and troubled areas.

Ingredients: #1 Organic Filtered Water, Organic Sulfur, Proprietary Herbal Blend. #2 Jojoba, mustard seed Oil, castor oil, lemongrass, oregano oil, and clove bud..

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