What Are Natural Hair Styles



Woman with red afro  Woman with natural twists Woman with gel curl hair style 


Individual Twists

Gel Curl

Small to mid size Circle 
hair that naturally 
expands to grow up
and out. 


Similar to a plait 
or braid except 
two pieces of 
hair are criss-crossed 
to create a rope strand. 


A curl created without 
heat or tools.

Very durable, exercise-friendly, 
and low maintenance 
hairstyle. Hair must be all 
natural with circle size 
pt 14 and up.

 Natural Hair hand roll style Natural Hair braid style  Natural Hair Weave 



Hair Weave



A long hanging curl 
created on wet hair 
without heat ot tools. 
The circle size 
will determine the diameter 
of the handroll.

Created by intertwining three 
sections of hair together. 
Cornrow is a braid 
that lays flat against the scalp.

A braid-and-sew method 
used to attach hair extensions 
to the natural hair 
to add or change length, 
volume, color, or texture. 


 Natural custom hair piece


Customize Hairpiece




Designed to make hair 
loss undetectable, look like
your own hair 
and encourage hair growth. 
A hairpiece can be made 
to cover only the hair loss area 
and match your natural hair 
or cover the entire head.