Hair Loss

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Our Expertise

Cornrows & Co. has over 30 years experience in mapping, diagnosing and formulating natural remedies to arrest Hair Loss (HL) and scalp problems. Our approach to HL is to treat the whole person not just the symptom. We know how important hair is and believe no female should feel less beautiful because she does not have the hair to create a beautiful style she desires. 

Our services are done in a private room, include custom hair styles for permanent hair loss, nutritional counseling, and solutions for acute thinning or scalp conditions.  Cornrows & Co. Nutritional Hair Care gets to the root of hair and scalp problems while working to prevent continual hair loss and restore hair to its normal growth rate.

Research shows that hair is nourished by the blood. A good blood supply gives oxygen to the hair cells, which energizes and nourishes it to grow.  Thinning, weak, dry and balding hair conditions are symptoms that the hair needs oxygen.  How do we deliver oxygen to hair cells?

1.Scalp Care – Shampoo, condition and massage often to stimulate circulation and to remove any blockage in the hair follicles. Use our Grow Hair Treatment to support and strengthen the hair.

2.Body Care - Cellular cleanse with our plant based Cell Cleanse Tonic  &  Blood Builder Iron Tonic.




Custom Hair Piece   (Priced upon consultation)

For permanent HL we are happy to create a natural-looking custom hair piece to cover short and balding areas. Each custom hairpiece is made by hand. We use textured hair, custom color match and individualized style design. 

A scheduled consultation is required.


Hair and Scalp Exam & Consultation $155 - $175 (include TMA)

In order to recommend personalized treatment for your particular scalp and hair problem, a thorough hair assessment is needed. Done in private with strict confidentiality, we analyze your scalp and hair. Upon getting information about your hair care habits, medications, diet and overall health history we can determine the cause and possible solutions.  Included are recommend hairstyle options and measurement for custom hairpiece styles.  

If needed a Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) will be done.  The TMA  uses a small clipping of your hair sent to be tested at Trace Minerals certified lab. The test gives a charted report of your nutritional minerals and any toxic metal content in your body. Hair is a fiber protein that is made up of specific minerals and elements.  Since hair has a rest phase of up to two years it gives us an accurate imprint on the hair cells to identify any deficiencies and excess metal toxins in the body. You will receive a written report of your mineral profile containing nutritional mineral content and imbalances, the symptoms they cause and nutritional recommendations to arrest the problem. 

The TMA Hair Analysis takes less than 30 minutes, hair must be natural,  clean, free of oil, product, color, perm or relaxer. 

For itchy scalp, psoriasis, seborrhea, scalp acne, dandruff scalp conditions do not shampoo before the Hair & Scalp Exam, we need to see the scalp in its scaly, dry, flaking condition.


Specialized Scalp Treatment for severe scalp conditions.   $45 - $75

Psoriasis, scalp inflammation, thinning.