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  1. Berry Shampoo

    Berry Shampoo


    A rich lather formula infused with nutrient plant oils to clean and moisturize the hair and scalp. Gently breaks down product oil, gels and spray on the hair shaft. Recommend for heavy oil, condition coating , gel removal, infrequent shampooers and pudding product on the hair.

  2. Sweet Orange Conditioner

    Sweet Orange Conditioner


    A light-weight hydrating leave on conditioner made from a creamy blend of herbs, oils of macadamia nut & jojoba seed. Activates the natural curl or wave pattern in soft, fine-textured hair. Can be used as a deep conditioner or as a daily moisturizer.

  3. Jasmine Oil Spray

    Jasmine Oil Spray


    A non-greasy spray of essential and botanical oils for the hair and skin. Recommended to add sheen.

  4. Mint Condition

    Mint Condition

    Our rich buttery detangle-conditioner nourishes the scalp and makes the comb glide through the hair.
  5. Blow Dryer Nozzle

    Blow Dryer Nozzle

    The original Willie Morrow hard rubber, pick comb nozzle attachment is made to fit most hand-held blow dryers. Designed for easy, secure fit and even heat flow to smooth kinky, curly hair textures without harm.

5 Item(s)