Kids Talk Hair

Kids Talk Hair

Product code:Kids Talk Hair

This easy to read book will show you how to shampoo, detangle and style African-American kids hair with simple cornrows, twists and loc styles.
Beautiful kids natural styles and how to care for babies up to teens hair. Learn how to easily shampoo, comb out and blow dry curly hair. Pages of color photos showing simple cornrows, twists and lock styles. Parents get solutions for chemical hair breakage, head lice, ringworm, swimmer’s hair care and boy styles. It's a fun, easy-to-read book written for both grown-ups and kids. The right pages are for grown-ups and left pages are for kids to read. Author: Pamela Ferrell / 1999 ISBN : 0-939183-03-X
Hair Type All
Skin Type No
Product Size No
ARW Brand No

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