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Hair Styles

Cornrows & Co. Hair Styles are designed to compliment your natural hair texture and preserve its health. 

All styles include a shampoo and condition.



(no extension) $75 and up

Twist - Wet, Dry, Gel, Curled, Rodded, Flat, 

Hand Curls / Rolls - Wet hair style that is low maintenance, durable and     

works well for humidity and exercise lifestyle.

Loc Care - Hydro-treatment, Oil therapy, curls, nu-knots, pin up and hang downs

Cornrows - soft style, art style, basic


HAIR CUT  (scissor) $45 - $75                   

HAIR TRIM  with shampoo, condition $45  or $20 with style service

HAIR WEAVE  $250 and up --Nu-fro, big curls, twist, locs, Sisterlock*, braids


EXTENSIONS --  price based on style


Hair Styles Defined.... 

Individual Twist... Similar to a plait or braid except two pieces of hair are criss-crossed to create a rope strand.  Twist can be done on wet or blow dried hair. Many styling options include pin up, hang down, curled, or flat twist along the scalp (like a cornrow).

Handcurls... is handrolled curls created without heat or tools. The kink and curl of natural hair is needed to define and shape a long lasting curl. Very durable, exercise-friendly, and low maintenance hairstyle. Hair must be all natural afro texture.

Locs... Comb-free forming clusters of natural hair. Our "Loc Care Plan" promises clean, soft and  healthy growing locs.

Braid...  Created by intertwining three sections of hair together.  Cornrow is a braid that lays flat against the scalp.

Hair Weave... A braid-and-sew method used to attach hair extensions to the natural hair to add or change length, volume, color, or texture. 

Customize Hairpiece...Designed to make hair loss undetectable, look like your own hair and encourage hair growth.  A hairpiece can be made to cover only the hair loss area and match your natural hair.